Moving Out Checklist for Apartment Renters

Start cleaning and making repairs in advance of your moving day.

Are you moving out of your apartment or rental? The idea of moving can be stressful. Being prepared is the best way to alleviate the stress of moving.  Nothing adds to the stress of moving more than not getting your entire security deposit back! 

Follow this renters checklist to ensure you get your money back from your rent deposit.

  1. Research the terms of your lease.
    Secure a copy of your lease and review the details regarding how much notice you must provide prior to moving out. Also research what the policies are for cleaning stoves, refrigerators, carpets, walls etc.

  2. Assess any existing damage and make repairs.
    Create a list of what areas of the apartment need repair or fixing before your landlord walks through your apartment for final inspection. Find out who is responsible for what.

    – Look for any discoloration or stains in the carpet, marks on the wall or other damage that may be a concern.
    – Address any issues with mold or leaks in the plumbing or problems with the electrical, heating and air conditioning.

  3. Give written notice to your landlord as to when you plan on moving out.
    The letter must detail the exact date when you will be vacating the apartment. Be sure to date and sign the letter, with your phone number and or email address.

  4. Plan for your move.
    Your lease terms dictate the timeline for planning your move. Plan on taking six to eight weeks to move everything out of the house.

    Start cleaning and making repairs in advance of your moving day. Also factor in when you will be able to move items into your new space.

  5. Begin decluttering, purging and packing up your belongings.
    Moving is an ideal time to start fresh. Start purging things that you no longer need or use. Donate or sell stuff online and throw the rest in the dumpster.

    Will you need a temporary storage space? If so, research a self storage facility that is nearby your new home. To alleviate the amount of stress of moving, when decluttering take packed boxes to your storage unit.

  6. Change your mailing address, change your utilities, water, internet, electric gas etc. 

    – Do you have any pets? Will you need to have a pet sitter take care of them during the move?
    – Don’t forget you’ll need to get the lights and utilities set up for your new space as well.

  7. Finish packing except the clothes, toiletries, and food you will need for two weeks.
    As the moving day approaches, clean out your refrigerator and pantry, and get ready for your move.

  8. Schedule the final walkthrough inspection with your landlord.

    – Make sure you have ample time to address any last minute issues that may arise during the walkthrough of your apartment.
    – Confirm how much and when you will get your deposit back.
    – Also confirm the address where your deposit check is to be mailed or electronically deposited. If possible, opt to use the security deposit as last month’s rent.

  9. Moving day checklist.
    – Take out the trash.
    – Fill your cooler with any remaining items from the refrigerator
    – Have packaging tape handy for any last-minute taping of boxes.
    – Spot clean the refrigerator and after everything is out of the apartment, sweep all the floors.

  10. Do a final walk-through of your apartment with your landlord to ensure all concerns from damage have been resolved. Do a final check to ensure nothing has been left behind and then return the keys. 

Carefully planning well in advance will make your move smooth and stress free. Give yourself ample time to get it all done, that way your move will be super easy!

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