Eliminate Clutter & Stress: Simplify Your Life with Self Storage

Simplify your life by eliminating the clutter once and for all. 

By decluttering and simplifying your home you will no longer feel stressed out. Start with a plan and give yourself time to get the home organized. Don’t get overwhelmed. 

Create a simplified home by decluttering your space. Be intentional, change your basic mindset and simplify your life. The end result will make your home more peaceful and pleasant. 

Follow these five (5) steps to organize and declutter your space.  

1. Avoid buying things you don’t need. 

Stop creating more clutter in your life. Be more intentional about what you do and what you need. Pare down and simplify.

We all buy things we don’t need. Stop and ask yourself if you really need that? More times than you think, you simply don’t need anything. 

We own more clothes than we care to admit. We’ve got more gadgets and toys than we know what to do with. Change the game and start thinking simple. Think about what is just taking up valuable space, and what you really need.  

2. Simplify what you have. 

Less is more. Too many sweaters you simply don’t wear? How many jackets do you own that you actually wear? How many sets of dishes do you own? Sure the family service is for special occasions, but how many coffee mugs do you have? 

Go with items that serve multiple purposes rather than several specialty items.

3. Thoughtfully consider your lifestyle. 

Don’t complicate things. Start in the kitchen, how many gadgets do you really use or need? Remember the electric steak knife? The electric can opener!  Go room to room and think about what you use, how often you actually need it, if at all. 

4. Make the commitment, then set goals with realistic timelines. 

Once you’ve committed to simplifying your life, you need to set achievable goals. You’ve probably not going to be able to declutter your home in a week. Several months is a more realistic expectation.

Set aside a day or time each week, to get things organized. Stick to your schedule. Start with things, then move on to actions. How many trips to the store do you take? Can you do your shopping once a week? What else in your life can you simplify? 

By simplifying, you make more space and give yourself more time for yourself. Less clutter translates into less chaos, and less stress.

5. Donate things that you no longer use, and throw out things that are no longer of value.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Give those things you no longer use to charity. Computers become obsolete all the time. Recycle things that are no longer relevant. Repurpose what you can and toss out what is no longer worth keeping. 

Remember, the secret to simplifying your life is to intentionally re-think your lifestyle. Commit to this new way of thinking and suddenly you’ll have more time for what’s important.  

Self storage is a clean, convenient, low cost solution to protecting and preserving your valuables and making more space for you and your life.

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