Create More Space In Your Home

Create More Space In Your Home

Here are a few ways to create a clutter-free space. 

Go Vertical

Shelves are a great way to create more room, freeing up valuable floor space. From books to basics it’s a smart solution for a small home. 

Think Minimal 

Keep clutter to a minimum by stowing away things in decorative boxes, trunks, baskets or jars. Maximize storage style! Trunks are the perfect space-saving way to create extra space.

Go Down Under

Store stuff under your bed or sofa to create more storage space. There are many storage containers that are specifically designed for under the bed. Perfect for storing bed linens, or seasonal clothes. 

Show Off Your floor

Make your space seem spacious by placing furniture that shows off your floors. Interior designers often chose tables and chairs that highlight the floor space. 

Drawers Instead of Cupboards in the Kitchen

Unlike a cabinet, when opening a drawer, you’ll be able to see everything that is stored inside it. Drawers can be pulled out all the way, allowing you to see everything inside.

Outside In / Inside Out

Make the most of any outdoor space such as a balcony or garden. Create additional space by putting a stylish cabinet or shed outside to store things. Space-saving furniture such as a folding garden table or outdoor storage benches can help store away things to make more room in the home.

Need more space? 

For many of us, there just isn’t enough available space in our home for everything we own. Self storage eliminates the need to move to a larger apartment or opt for an expensive office lease. 

Give our friendly and professional staff at Montgomery NY Self Storage a call anytime (845) 457-6229. Let’s store it together. The phone is always on. 

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Please stay safe during your move. 

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