The Drawer Rotation Declutter Method

The Drawer Rotation Method

Declutter your clothes dresser with the Drawer Rotation Method. Use this method along with the Konmari Folding Technique. When you put away your clean, folded clothes, place items to the back of your drawers – not in front. 

Fold your clothes horizontally, so you can rotate them easily. This decluttering method encourages you to wear all of your clothes instead of just wearing the same thing. By rotating your clothes, you will quickly realize what items you don’t wear. 

Step One –

Remove all the clothing from your dresser drawers. Now that your drawers are empty, take a moment to dust and clean the inside so everything stays fresh and clean. 

Step Two –

Now that you have all your clothes spread out, make some decisions before putting anything back in the dress as to what needs to get trashed or donated.  Hang bulky items, such as jeans or sweatshirts in your closet or stow them under your bed. 

The rule of thumb is to donate, sell, or recycle a piece of clothing you haven’t worn in over the past year. 

Step Three – 

Take inventory of the items you’re keeping and group items by category and season.  Sort your items into categories based on how many drawers you have, and what will fit in each drawer. Sorting clothes by color is also a smart idea so when you pull together an outfit you find what you want with ease. 

Pro Tip: Store your off-season clothing in a suitcase, under the bed or rent a self storage space to free up space in your home.

Now that you’ve purged your dresser drawers you can declutter your clothes closet by using the Reverse Hanger Method. 

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